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With the ability to cover an incredible 28m2 in a single system the screens are outstanding performers for your shading requirements.


Fingerprint operation

5 years warranty

Includes head box, side boxes and cill runner

Size up to 9m wide, 3.2m drop, 28mm



These screens allow homeowners with large doors to enjoy the luxury of inside & outside living without the traditional compromises. Designed to fit nearly any door; folding, French or sliding, delivering unparalleled engineering. Operating with just a finger tip, the unique load balancing technology allows screens and shades to glide smoothly across the entire opening and effortlessly stop at any desired position.

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A single screen or shade that extends from one side of the frame to cover the full width of the opening


Two screens or shades (in the same fabric option), meet at a 90-degree angle opening for post-less corner openings.


Two screens or shades (in the same fabric option), which meet at any point along the opening.


A combination of two fabric types, both covering the full width , such a screen from the left & a shade from the left & a shade from the right

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Fabrics are fully retained within the frame - with no gaps  -to allow total control of insects, sunlight and privacy.

Screen and shade fabrics are held securely in place by top and bottom tabs, preventing screen blow - out even in breeze.

She can be mounted on the inside or outside drainage holes are added to the sill for externally mounted systems.

Sill cover is quick and easy to remove to make cleaning trouble free.

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Luxury shade fabrics are available in light - filter and blockout options for systems mounted on the inside of the opening.

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Perfect for reducing glare, solar heat gain and fading. Can be fitted internally or externally but a popular choice for outside given its hard-wearing, easy clean qualities.

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Constructed from durable aluminium. The frame can be powder-coated in one of our popular colours or customised to colour match existing doors and windows.

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Durable polyester / PVC mesh is available in two different weave styles to keep even the smallest insects outside.

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